Simplifying your wiring

Cabling professionals

New technology is transforming your home and business, but it can mean an increasing amount of wiring. APM Electricals (Thames Valley) Ltd can create wiring diagrams and solutions that will help de-clutter your rooms.

•  Power cables

•  Telecommunications

•  Ethernets

•  Satellites and television

•  Looms and transformers

The finishing touch for your home improvements

Have you had a loft or cellar conversion, or changed the layout of your home? If so, then you'll need new sockets installing.


We can fit new power sockets in one room, or across the whole property. No job is too big or too small. You'll still receive our great value service.

Wiring inspections

If your wiring becomes worn or faulty, the consequences can be devastating. Annual inspections can spot developing faults, and repair them before you suffer a power outage or worse.

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